Monday, April 30, 2012

Golden Words

Avoid talking about people when they’re down. Whether you understand why they’re struggling or not isn’t any of your business. If you’re really concerned you’ll pray for them. Sometimes we can get too caught up in discussing the details of someones life and struggle when we have no idea how hard it was for them to simply wake up and get out of bed that morning. Our lack of understanding or reasoning with others struggles, leaves us less than compassionate and borderline cruel with our thoughts and comments of them. Let’s challenge ourselves to push past our limited understanding and perception of things to support them in prayer. Ask God how you can benefit someone who you think may be going through a hard time. Whatever you do, just avoid adding to their pain with hurtful words. Many of us have been misunderstood in the past and as long as others continue to misunderstand us, their words seemed hurtful.
Keep in mind: If you have time to talk about them then you have time to pray for them. Make your words worth being spoken.

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