Saturday, May 12, 2012

Merry Go 'Round of Dreams

A crumbling down,
A building up
round 'n round,
my heart goes.
On this ride of heighten emotions of affection
Dancing on clouds of dreams of us, I doze...
Now sudden pained lows and spiraling confusion
With the harsh reality that they were just that; dreams imposed.

And it goes and goes
Going everywhere, all around
Emotions spin, turn, and twist
this roller coaster of love, goes round 'n round.

Trusting again, feeling unashamed
as little children do,
A glimpse of a vision gained
Innocent eyes fixed on the future
of what could be,
In a daze, high off the fumes
of what should be,
Mists of promises depicted in beautiful mirages .
Floating down a river,
of dream formed memories and collages
of you and me together, I picture.

Caught in between reality and fiction
Searching, itching for my next high.
I see reality but what oversees that is my addiction.

On the edge of love, feeling alive
arms open wide, free falling with my heart,
I'm floating, I'm gliding, down as I dive.

Knowing reality but refusing to give up, refusing to let go.
Aware of dreams but knowing also what's meant to be.
If he only knew I am the one that's really woke
If he only knew he was the one really asleep. 
Until that final day he realizes and believes,
I will press to continue, thriving on hope
When he finally wakes up and he finally sees,
that he's been sleep walking, in a dream like state 
Then he will dream my dreams, making this our shared reality.
But until then I'll keep waiting by his bed, til he finally stirs and is finally awake...

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