Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Mothers Love

No - not's

Fluid are the tears;
What words can't speak, tears stand in the gap to be heard.
Each tear complex, unique, and not easily understood,
from childhood until now, she did not overlook
but rather stayed up late wondering, searching 
racking her brain for something she could do;
Desperate, Something, Anything
To make disappear any pain of mine,
to place a smile upon my face instead,
to love and hug my pain away,
Yes, even her happiness for my pain she traded.

The love of a mother;
It's profound and unimaginable, the depths and extent of this love,
As exquisite the rose's fragrance and the rose's appearance,
but as the thorns are prickly and arrow-like,
so is this love protecting,
defending as barriers and spikes,
of her child, never neglecting.

And only God understands this love fully,
cause from Him did this love first come
it was first formed.
From the cross to the grave, from there to the sky,
from the sky to the hearts of those that cave,
give in under the weight,
of His sacrifice, under the heaviness and absoluteness of His love.
Is the origin and foundation of the heart of a mother.
It's not by coincidence, definitely not by chance,
but neither by happenstance,
That a woman would allow her heart to be
by this compassion and stance,
for another, that another being her child.

See life is about choices, choices determining the destinies.
So according to choices, decisions, and resolutions,
is what is used to paint the masterpiece,
the finished product and end result.
These prepared my mothers open, yielding heart for this love.
The love that fueled a devotion and adoration...
.. for me.

- And for this, I thank you Mom...
I've learned much from you but the best of these was loyalty.

*Dedicated to the special woman in my life, Ruth Rodriguez-Dunnahoo. Mothers Day May, 2012

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